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Professional ​

My main area of expertise is flavour physics. I worked both on beyond Standard Model models for New Physics in flavour processes and in precise predictions concerning especially b quark decays.

I have experience in working with people of very different expertise and also with master and phd students.

Programming Skills




Senior Research Fellowship at CERN
January 2022 - present
Post doctoral researcher at Torino University
October 2020 - December 2021
Post doctoral researcher at University of Siegen

October 2018 - September 2020


As a post doctoral researcher, I kept working on flavour physics, joining the theoretical particle physics group at University Siegen, which consists of several of the leading experts in this field. This experience allowed and still allows me to deepen my knowledge of several non perturbative techniques to evaluate hadronic matrix elements.

I recently joined the theoretical particle physics group at University of Torino.

Spoken Languages

Italian (mother tongue)

English (proficient)

German (basic)

French (basic)

Ph.D. at University of Zürich

​2014 - 2018


I graduated as Ph.D. on June, 7th 2018 at University of Zürich under the supervision of Prof. Gino Isidori, with the thesis entitled: "B physics in the Standard Model and Beyond". My Ph.D. studies focused on several aspects of flavour physics.

Bachelor and Master degree at University of Genova



I graduated at University of Genoa on July, 17th 2014 under the supervision of Prof. Carla Biggio. My master thesis was entitled: "New physics contribution to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon".

Teaching assistant for "Quantum field Theory I" course


Quantisation of scalar, dirac and vector fields, theory of interactions, QED and one loop renormalisation of QED.

Teaching assistant for "Mathematical methods for physicists 2" course


Complex analysis, series, differential equations, basics of group theory.

Teaching assistant for "Physics 1" for non physics students course

Basics of kinematics, electromagnetism, fluids.

Laboratory assistant


Laboratory assistant for first year bachelor students. Focus on basics processes and on the theory of errors.

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